More often than not, we make plans with friends to travel to different places and see amazing things, eat, drink and explore. But then life catches up with us and plans get pushed. We get busy and forget all about the inner traveler in us, the one waiting to breathe in the air of a new picturesque location.

If you are one of those people, then let me list down just a few reasons why you should consider packing your bags, maybe calling your friends and setting out for the places you have been wanting to go to since ages!

1. Because we all deserve a break


As obvious as this point sounds, there are many times when we forget that we need to stop and breathe or even blow off some steam. Any person would agree that it isn’t great to be stuck in one place all day (even if you work at Google. I’m only admitting their office is fabulous). It can get monotonous and after some time, you start getting restless. Then you hate your life and the rest is history. So before that happens, run for the hills (literally).

2. Because we all need to experience Nirvana in our lives


I still remember standing on a hill facing the Lake Palace in Udaipur and looking out at the entire city. I could hear the peacocks in the distance and see the sun setting on the beautiful city that lay below. I had two of my closest friend with me and for some reason, in that moment, we were all silent. That moment was a moment of absolute joy and peace for me, something I carry with me till date and also a factor that made me decide to take at least one long holiday and multiple smaller holidays in a year. Every person deserves this moment. And you definitely won’t get it by remaining cooped up somewhere.

3. Because you could make friends and learn even more about a place or about people


On trips, you come across so many people, locals as well as other tourists, like yourselves and you have a brilliant opportunity to get to know them and possibly explore places with them. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the locals might even treat you to stories of a place that no tourist could ever gain access to. In addition to that, if they’re hospitable, they’ll even treat you to some authentic local cuisine, which, let’s admit, most restaurants claim to serve but don’t really match up to in taste when compared to the actual food cooked by locals.

 4Because you learn the value of minimalistic living


Yes, travelling teaches you how to live on basic supplies for multiple days. Even a heavy packer like me has now learnt how to only pack stuff that I might absolutely need and then pick up things along the way if I require it. But, even looking at the way people in other places live and sharing their life experiences sometimes teaches you that ‘Less is more’ and that you can always make the best of what life doles out to you.

5. Because YOU can become a better version of you.


When you stand at the Freezing point at Rohtang Pass or stare into the unending grandness of the Great Grand Canyon, you realize how small you are in the grand scheme of things and that there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking the time out to just chill and enjoy life, even if it is for a short span. Trust me, the person that returns to work or college or even home will be a changed person in that he/ she will learn to be more humble and will learn how to deal with the people and situations around him/ her.

These are just some reasons why I think travelling is necessary in life. You might not have the time for a big holiday perhaps, but you could take a few days off for sure.

Let me use a cliché here- This life is too short to not enjoy everything around us. Don’t let time run out of your hands before you’ve crossed out every item off your bucket list.

If you can think of other points on why you’d like to pick up your bags and run, then do mention the same in the comments below. Waiting to hear from you guys!