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June is the month when Ladakh receives the most of the visitors as most highways open up the last week of April or the first week of May.

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May is when the action starts…The point here is as everyone does a Jeep Safari, driving up from Manali where one has to cross Rohtang Pass which generally remains closed from November to May.

Though in some years it is open before or after that period, depending on the climate.

So we choose JUNE, when we are pretty sure that Rohtang Pass would be driveable.

In June, the weather clears up and this is the right time when you will be able to enjoy “Lots of Ladakh” sojourn “sunny side up”.

If you wish to see ice-covered roads and mountains en-route this is the time to visit Leh Ladakh. Temperatures are a pleasant 16°C during the day and a barely manageable 3°C in the night. The breeze still carries the winter chill and one may feel the bite if sitting in shade for too long.


June is when the mercury really kicks up and temperatures soar up to 21°C (day). You still can’t do without a blanket at night when it’s 7°C. This is when tourism is at its peak and Ladakh is buzzing with visitors, most on month long treks and pan-Ladakh expeditions.

The days are blessed with plenty of sun, sometimes a little too harsh. Direct exposure to sunlight for long can leave you sunburnt and tanned, and not in a good way.

July is arguably the warmest month of the year. The day and night temperatures are 25°C and 10°C respectively. This is when Ladakh receives the odd rain, otherwise, the weather remains pleasant and inviting all through the month.

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Witness and admire lots of ladakh, fun, adventure, nature, mesmerizing chants, whispering breeze and a hell lot of things this June. Hope to see you soon!