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Snowfall in Shimla on Christmas for the first time after 25 years

According to Hindustan Times around 9 am snowfall started in Shimla showcases awe inspiring snow clad roads, homes, Himalayan Mountains in all direction. All the tourists were on cloud 9 who experience this snowy Christmas. Lots of tourists visit Shimla more than once during Christmas and this year they got lucky.


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Have a journey with Happy Journey and you will be happy in your life’s journey


Himachal pradesh- happy journey

Journey to Himalayas with Happy Journey was as happening as journey to heavens. When I planned myself for this trip I never had imagined how it is going to be. But when I actually travelled with new faces to new area it was so much fun and entertainment.

visit kufri- happy journey

The journey to Himalaya started with a bang,

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All the Womaniyas had a wonderful time together


The CALL of the Jungle

My excitement knew no bound when I became acquainted of my mother booking this trip as a gift post exams. It all reached the next level when we all met and reached our destination Kanha, Madhya Pradesh, ready to traverse and delve in the dense forests of Kanha. We stayed at Kanha Eco Resort,in AC-mud cottages which were so beautiful , spacious. Free WiFi, well-mannered staff and fine dining.

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Thanks a lot to #FabHappyJourney for this trip. I met new, enthusiastic, amazing people


So we stayed at Kanha Village resort, having huge rooms and the best food and the swimming pool being the cherry on the cake. Jai being a lucky guy having a good record of spotting tiger was in my gypsy, made me lucky as in 7 times of jungle safari this was the first time I spotted a tiger and the experience was amazing…

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I strongly recommend Happy Journey to those who have been bitten by wanderlust.


“For people residing in cities forests are sources of fresh air and weekend gateways”

True to this the WOMANIYA trip to kanha tiger reserve forest in Madhya Pradesh on 21st to 26th of May 2016 was enchanting and amazingly alluring.

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Why you absolutely need to travel?

More often than not, we make plans with friends to travel to different places and see amazing things, eat, drink and explore. But then life catches up with us and plans get pushed. We get busy and forget all about the inner traveler in us, the one waiting to breathe in the air of a new picturesque location.

If you are one of those people, then let me list down just a few reasons why you should consider packing your bags, maybe calling your friends and setting out for the places you have been wanting to go to since ages!

1. Because we all deserve a break


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Tigers are the pride of Kanha and my experience of watching a tiger was just unforgettable!

Visit Kanha- happy journey

Kanha- Feast with the beast was my first wildlife trip to Kanha Tiger Reserve with my friends. Nothing could be better out there. The trip was so perfectly planned that we didn’t find any problems during the tour. The complete credit goes to Mr. Jai and Mr.Jesal Dedhia for serving their best.

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Fantastic Holiday, which has given unforgettable memories, friends for life time and an amazing experience.


My first planned adventure trip to Himalayas… had never thought it would be such an amazing experience & all credit goes to Jai.

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Look forward to creating many more memories with ‘Happy Journey and team’ and will definitely recommend them to friends and family!

Shimla trip- Happyjourney

Going on an adventure trip with a bunch of strangers was the last thing I had ever imagined I would do. But the moment I read the itinerary set out by Happy Journey for this trip, I knew I had to go. For me the highlights of the trip were river rafting, experiencing minus temperatures/ snow that too within a reasonable budget. There was not a single moment where I felt that the services were not up to the mark, everything that was promised was delivered- good hotels/ tents, delicious food, etc. Right now while I sit back in office with my head buried into files and my laptop, I can’t help but reminisce all the wonderful memories and friends I made during the trip- they will stay with me all my life.

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“Road 2 Himalaya” was my first ever adventure trip and it couldn’t have been any better

Adventure trip to himachal pradesh-happy journey

Road 2 Himalayas” was my first ever adventure trip and it couldn’t have been any better. It was well planned and every item on the itinerary was checked off the list; whether it was sightseeing, rock climbing, river crossing, rappelling or river rafting.

This trip was jam-packed with excitement and I couldn’t have asked for more. Even in the sub-zero temperatures, the warmth of camaraderie kept us going. I’d left here only with a bag full of clothes, but I came back with a bunch of amazing friends and a truck load of wonderful memories which i will cherish for life.

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