Just got back from a week holiday to Kanha, Madhya Pradesh. It was such a blast! Madhya Pradesh is amazing – there are so many things to shoot there. But Kanha… Kanha is a place I could see myself living in. The place is so calm, surrounded by trees ..Everything was really special for me. After wanting to go there since last 2 years, it’s everything I had imagined it would be, and much much more.

We spent just 5 days in this beautiful place and teaser of time has got me wanting to go back as soon as possible. We went to Jungle (Forest) thrice in 2 Days (2 Safaris in evening and 1 Safari in Morning), We also went for Nature walk, bird watching and roam around near village, and had some chit chat with locals.

Best part is obviously Jungle aka Kanha National Park. I must say it is India’s most beautiful Jungle I have ever seen. Yes, we did spot king of Kanha, Tiger. We saw around 8 different tigers in 3 Jungle Safaris(Yes! We are so lucky). I can’t wait to share all the shots from there with you.

For me, these images represent the beauty of Kanha, these images bring back the memories of my trip far more strongly than the locations I shot. I hope you like them.

Also, All of these shots were done on my little pocket camera, the Canon IXUS 255 HS, or on my Redmi 3s Prime.

Anyway, enjoy!

1. It’s all started with Train Journey:

mumbai to madhya pradesh

2. Our stay Kanha Village Eco Resort:

kanha eco resort

3. View from room:

kanha village eco resort

4. Morning walk in the Village:

kanha village

5. School in Bodachapari, Kanha:

School time

6. Beautiful Morning in Kanha:

beautiful morning

7. Welcome to Kanha National Park:

welcome to kanha national park

8. Way to Kanha National park:

Kanha national park

9. Morning Safari:

Morning Safari

10. Entering Kanha:

Kanha forest

11. Nature at it’s best:

view from Safari

12. Sambar Deer:

spotted deer

13. Deer:

spotted deer

14. Spotted Deers and Bisons:

Animals in kanha

15. Bison:


16. Beautiful Forest:

beautiful jungle

17. Waiting for Tiger:

Tiger Safari

18. Sleeping Beauties:

tigers in Kanha

19. King:

Munna tiger

20. Sambar deer:

Sambar deer

21. Beautiful Morning:

beautiful morning

22. Kanha National Park:

Kanha National park

23. Road 2 Heaven:

beautiful forest

24. Waiting: