Girls trip to Kanha

Few sequels tend to exceed expectations. Thankfully, I can’t say the same for my second trip with Happy Journey. Because they more than exceeded every expectation I had from this trip. I needed a break and the women’s tour to Kanha was just that. I’m not exactly a nature person but I’m beginning to reconsider that part after being in Kanha.

I live for adrenaline rushes and seeing a tiger a few feet away from you is a different, amazing rush in itself.

Visit Kanha national park- Happy journey

The Kanha Village Eco resort was beautiful and humongous. Even the bathrooms were huge for that matter! The service was brilliant, the staff friendly and the food… The food reminds you of home- tasty, sumptuous and absolutely filling. You can learn a great deal from the staff there who have an encyclopedia of knowledge about so many topics.

Wildlife trip to Madhyapradesh- happy journey

visit madhyapradesh- happy journey

live in jungle-happy journey

The one thing you notice about everyone who lives and works in the forest area is that they are passionate about what they do and that reflects in the service they provide and the way they treat their guests.

We got an amazing view of a spectacular waterfall from the resort at Bhedaghat. I’m told it’s the only place that offers a brilliant view of the waterfall. And then it rained! We got drenched, had loads of fun getting chilled to our bones and the rains marked an awesome end to an awesome trip.

visit bhedaghat- happy journey

Jai was as usual at his best, ensuring the trip went glitch-free. The guy manages to amaze everyone with his unending dedication to the job and his efforts to always keep his customers satisfied, even if it means going without sleep, which he actually did *rolls eyes*.

With Happy Journey, every trip just tends to end with everyone feeling like they’ve become part of a huge family and that one thing remained consistent on this trip too. We had a ball on the train journey back with an anniversary celebration and 20 women talking and laughing and singing and sharing memories.

Women only trip to kanha

So, thank you Jai and team for an amazing experience. This was one of my last trips in India and you guys managed to turn it into an unforgettable and sentimental affair. Again, I reiterate- You should travel with Happy Journey because they don’t just take you to locations and leave you to sightsee. They create an experience that stays with you for a long time after you return.