I had visited Mahabalipuram (aka Mamallapuram) with my wife in Aug 2013 to see the ancient structures carved out of a single stone. It is a beautiful historic town located just 60 kilometers south of chennai.
We loved the intricate carvings on all monuments and were amazed at the how all these wonderful creations could be carved out of a single stone.
We were especially in awe of the Sea Shore temple which is right at the beach front overlooking the Bay of Bengal and is a UNESCO World heritage site since 1984. We spent a whole day there going around the Pancha pandava mandapa, Krishna mandapa, ganesh ratha, trimurti cave, mahishasuramardini cave, etc
In addition to
the history, they have a huge community of sculptors here carving beautiful statues of gods and godesses in all sizes.

All the monuments could be seen within a distance of 2 Km, so a one day trip would suffice to explore the place. This is an ideal place to get a glimpse of our glorious past and admire the true genius and remarkable achievements of our ancestors.