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The happy team that make happy journeys

We are a team of crazy travelers…travelling to uninhabited destination, experiencing different culture along the way excites us. That travelling is also our profession is like icing on the cake.
We are passionate about our work and have a process that makes us unique.

We Listen

With every person having his/her own perception of a perfect holiday, it becomes essentially prudent for us to make sure that you are being heard. And we make sure we listen and understand to your every single requirement.

We Customize

Change in the plans and preferences are inevitable. But to skillfully make changes and customize the packages to suit every changing need of yours is something we are proud to have as a process.

We Serve

Customer centricity is the basic building block on which Happy Journey has formed. Providing you with the best service is a necessity for us and we have proved to deliver it till date.

Come and experience the warmth and excellence of the service we provide.

Meet Our Team

Jai Nair


I always wondered, when movie stars said they couldn’t do justice to any other occupation apart from acting, as they love it and don’t know anything else to do, is it possible. And I found my answer when I started this company 5 years back. I couldn’t do justice to any other occupation apart from travelling. From being an automobile engineer who was climbing the corporate ladder to running a successful travel company it has been a tremendous life changing experience, loving every bit of the whirlwind journey. When I started, I had only one mission in mind. Treat your customers as your family. They will always have a wonderful experience. Travelling is one of the best ways to explore yourself and with the right company it becomes even more memorable. Exploring new places, meeting people and knowing their culture excites me. My quest is always to bring on platter the uniqueness of the place.

I am an executioner with a heart

Vijay Nair

I am a romantic. I see beauty in everything life has to offer. I have two passions in life travelling and writing. Travelling to unchartered territory with my writing note pad is like living my dream.
From travelling across the world thanks to my techie work profile, my mission is to integrate the world class amenities in the hospitality sector with the warmth that we Indians are known for. Through Happy Journey I want everyone to enjoy their holidays, get pampered and have time of their life.
I am a diehard romantic traveler.

Shankar Pillai

Numbers excite me! Is there any surprise then that I am Chartered Accountant by profession. I don’t want to be tied down by mundane 9 to 5 job. Being an entrepreneur is what I am best at. Any financial expertise you want. You know whom to approach now!

Navin Kulkarni

I am a designer by profession. Visuals are my forte. I believe nature is the biggest canvas and every time its visuals amaze me. Travelling to different terrains is my hobby and now it’s my profession. In Happy Journey I bring life to the umpteen imaginations I am dreamer.

Deepti Nair

If ever there was a past life, I think I would have lived a life of a gypsy. Why you ask? The freedom that travelling brings is enriching. Every place has a story of its own to narrate. Individuality of any place excites me. Embedding the highs of each culture; understanding the past, present and future of the place is what I love to explore. From being an exceptional student all my life, Oh yes I have studied a lot! (LLB, MBA-HR, SAP) to being a successful SAP consultant I always wanted to do something of my own which I would love and be passionate about. Happy Journey for me is a perfect platform where I display my management skills and follow my path to freedom by travelling and exploring new places. I am a gypsy traveler with a management skills.

Jesal Dedhia

My entrepreneurial skills were sharpened at a very early stage. I used to help my mom organize summer camps since I was 8years old. It was a natural progression for me to get a degree in business administration.

People management have always fascinated me, from organizing and managing mega events to running a dance class.

My tryst with travelling began when I took my students to camping. It's been 7 years since then that I am handling group tours.

I love to see the happy faces, when they get their moneys worth be it in an event, dance class or travel trip.

My success mantra is very simple. Customer is King! All i strive for is to get a friendly pat on the back from them.

Mohit Thakur

An enthusiast by nature, I always wanted to be in an industry that caters people and thought of nothing better than getting into hospitality industry. There is an indescribable joy in meeting new people and seeing them smile. And that is how I begin and end my day and wish to continue the same. And a Master’s degree in Tourism has helped me bridge my passion and profession together. Happy journey for me is another reason for envisaging a greater opportunity of serving people with what I am good at and help me learn a lot about people and their culture. I am a devotee born to serve smiles!


I've been driving for more than 15 years and more than just a profession it has been something that satisfies my being. From being a rented car driver for pick ups here and there to handling of transportation service has been a journey of memorable days. I strongly believe that to jump high one needs to stand on a sturdy foot and hence became a part of Happy Journey as we share the vision of providing the best possible service of hospitality and it come true. I am a transporter with wings!!

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